Course curriculum

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    Welcome to the course!

  • 2

    What is Giftedness? What does Twice-Exceptional Mean?

    • Giftedness

    • What is a 2e Learner?

    • Twice-Exceptional Students

    • What Teachers Might See

    • What a Parent Might See

    • Podcast: Bright Now, "Twice-Exceptional Learners)

    • Discussion: Initial Thoughts

  • 3

    Identifying 2e Learners

    • Finding and identifying our 2e students

    • Identification

    • ADHD By Any Other Name?

    • Discussion: Identification

  • 4

    Strategies for Teaching a 2e Student

    • What Are the Top Strategies for Teaching Twice-Exceptional Students?

    • Strategy: Nurture Strengths and Interests

    • Tool: How to Find Strengths and Interests

    • Strategy: Parental Communication

    • Strategy: Allow alternative methods for assessment/assignments

    • Strategy: Coping, Structure and Transitions

    • Strategy: Flexibility, Big Ideas, and Mentoring

    • Strategy: Environment, Risk-taking, and Celebrations

    • Strategy: Be an Advocate

    • Understand the Child- Through a Child's Eyes