Academity is a TEA-approved provider of Continuing Professional Education (CPE).

Who are we?

A professional learning collective.

Our virtual learning community offers eCourses in a beautifully designed environment that contains well-written content and multimedia and is firmly based in contemporary research and best practices in gifted education. We offer an affordable and high-quality alternative to either attempting to master your own or outsource in the traditional ways.
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How We Differ

Something unique.

  • Flexible.

    Cohort-style & instructor-led, yet asynchronous

  • Affordable.

    Carefully selected catalog and limited collective memberships mitigate costs

  • Engaging.

    Courses contain a variety of content modalities, discussions, and an authentic capstone project

What We Offer

Three simple options to supplement or supplant a district's professional learning needs (per academic year).

  • All-Access Memberships (Districts)

    Starting at $1,999

    Train whoever, in whatever, for however much.

  • District Course Licenses (Districts)

    Starting at $999

    Unlimited access to a district-branded, private course

  • Individual Course Seats (Individuals & Districts)

    Starting at $59

    Pay as you go for districts and individuals.

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